Turbo Reconditioning 

What Is Turbo Reconditioning?

The overhaul is a professional service carried out in a specialized service and consists in replacing all the defective components of the turbocharger with new ones through specific phases of dynamic balancing.

Therefore, the overhaul of the turbocharger is not the same as a simple repair, i.e. it is not a repair of the worn parts.

Remanufacturing a turbocharger therefore means replacing all the worn and defective parts inside the old turbocharger with new parts, with the exception of the turbo housing, which remains the same. This process also includes a guarantee.

How to overtake the turbo?

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Kind Words From Our Customers

" As I am a Nmi client for over 30 years! I have now changed over to German Auto in Umhlali because of the
service I received and that their prices are very affordable! What a great experience!!!!"

- Wynand

Kind Words From Our Customers

" Thank you Clement for you outstanding management on the sale of my Merc C180 and the purchase on my BMW320i. 
You were patient, professional and honest.  I love my new car and the handover was a pleasure, I highly recommend anyone to you, thank you. 
If you looking for trustworthy affordable service on your vehicle, it’s what I got especially since my car was out of motor plan.
Thank you Clement and Team! "

- Mags

Kind Words From Our Customers

" By far the best mechanical service I've had in Ballito, brilliant. Thank you Clement. "

- AJ Venter

Kind Words From Our Customers

" I am a Real Estate Agent and my car is my lifeline in my business so it is absolutely essential that it is in a good state of repair at all times.
I have no idea what I would have done without German Auto over the last year or two.  They have been outstanding to say the very least. 
It first started with windscreen wipers that broke during a heavy rain storm and I phoned German Auto on a Friday afternoon after 5pm. 
They came to my house and fixed the problem immediately.  Recently flat… flat… battery on a Monday morning and of course a busy
Monday schedule to boot !  Well in no time at all, a brand new battery was brought to the house and car up and running once again. 
Once again on yet a Monday morning, there was a dreadful noise coming from the engine. The guys from German Auto asked me to bring the car in to
 the workshop where I was brilliantly assisted by Clement and Martin.  Fast and furious service done in the friendliest and most efficient manner. 
I cannot recommend them highly enough. "

- Kathy Webster